At Pritchett Studio we specialize in industry standard creative photo retouching offering top quality service to customers all over the world. Our studio unites the incredible talents of Dwight and Bonnie Pritchett, both highly skilled digital artists who are uniquely committed to the work they do.

Our mission is to provide good work that is delivered on time and which utilizes a client oriented workflow. We pride ourselves in working one on one with advertising agencies, design firms and photographers who understand the price and value of a quality final product that will not only exceed expectations but will stand out from the crowd.

Projects we work on range from simple color correction to complex multi-image composites, combining 10 or more images to create one extraordinary image. Often we work with clients to create a composite that would otherwise be impossible, or at least cost prohibitive, to create in camera. Or we could take an ordinary photograph and increase the drama or beauty through carefully crafted color palette or texture to create an entirely new look and feel.

“To truly understand an idea, you must have an eye for the end vision.”

Before beginning, we work closely with our clients to collaborate on all aspects of a project. We excel at the creative process and thrive at the opportunity to engage in the designing stage.

  • Color Corrections
  • Illustrations
  • Complex color palette changes

  • Multi-Image composites
  • Creative Solutions Collaboration